When a good looking man enters a room and raises the temperature of it that’s one thing, but when he walks into it smelling as good as he looks, well, that’s what many a fantasy is made of. I’m just sayin’.

From HKI’s perspective a cologne as a serious fragrance commitment. And when combined with intense heat and sweat, it sometimes isn’t very pleasing. Instead, offer your man sexy body sprays for men, thereby showing a commitment to a lighter approach to smelling like a million bucks and is but a fraction of the cost of a proper cologne.

Consider the following three sexy body sprays for men

Sexy men wear fresh-scented Giorgio Armani Code Body Spray ($26, sephora.com) – a soft blend of fresh lemon and bergamot with hints of orange tree blossom, warmed with soothing guaiac wood, and tonka bean.

If your man needs an energy boost, have him try Ralph Lauren Big Pony #4 Body Spray ($18, ulta.com) which is a mix of mandarin and kyarawood.

And lastly, the most elegant man of the bunch should be sporting Bulgari Man Deodorant Natural Spray ($30, nordstrom.com)- a sensual everyday spray which smells of bergamot white pear, cashmere wood and vetiver and tonka bean musk.

Hue knew it? I did!

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