If you’re a VIP member at the local five and dime, don’t hide behind dark sunglasses, sing proudly from the mountain tops about the discounts you always get for quality health and beauty products sans your frames. Wendy Williams does it about the Family Dollar chain of discount stores on her show constantly, and so should you.

You don’t have to overspend for basics like body wash unless you choose to do so. While the very foundation of this beauty blog is personal maintenance, we don’t promote going broke doing so. So here are our picks of three cheap and chic body wash gift sets for less than $20.

On a scale of one to five with one being the best, Bonne Bell Starburst Original Fruits Smacker Shower Collection (price varies, walmart.com) for girls and Bodycology Toasted Vanilla Sugar Shower Gel & Foaming Bath/Body Cream/Fragrance Mist Gift Set (price varies, walmart.com) share the top spot of number one. The Bonne Bell collection of shampoo, shower gel and Lip Smacker smells like candy, keeping our young leaders of tomorrow excited about primping today. The Bodycology gift set gets a one because the vanilla scent stays with you beyond the shower, and doesn’t overwhelm your senses throughout the day. An additional bonus is the inclusion of vitamins E, C and shea butter in the body cream to really moisturize your skin.

Falling right in the middle with a solid number three is Skinnygirl Gift Set Margarita Bath Kit ($15, walmart.com) primarily because the margarita scent is too subtle rather than intoxicating. Also, the shower gel could be thicker, but if softly-scented anything is your preference and gel thickness doesn’t concern you, then you’ll be in good company with this ex-New York Real Housewives shower kit which also comes with a body scrub and body lotion.

Hue Knew It? I did.  

Wendy Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America

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