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Enhance Your Man’s Skin With Ultra Hydrating Skin Products

Slowly but surely, men are coming out of the closet to sit squarely in the “I care about my skin” spotlight and guess who’s lovin’ every minute of it?

‘Fruitvale Station’ star, Michael B. Jordan knows all too well the importance of having a smooth complexion in Hollywood. Makeup artists just plain ol’ like it and it makes applying makeup a lot more fun. Now you can enhance your man’s skin with these four ultra hydrating skin products.

Facial oils for women were covered in a recent piece, but we musn’t forget about our men. For them, we have Jack Black Epic Moisture MP 10 Nourishing Oil with Argan, Organic Marula & Grape Seed Oils ($32, getjackblack.com). It’s a 10 multi-purpose benefits product. ‘Epic’ is sheer, lightweight and contains 10 natural oils including Argan, Plum Seed & Jojoba Oils filled with moisture-plus potent antioxidants, essential nutrients and fatty acids that work wonders on both skin and hair. For face it relieves dryness and flakiness, calms redness and restores elasticity and suppleness. For hair, it smooths, improves shine and reduces frizz…a great style finishing tool. Your man could even use it as pre-shave prep or a stand-alone shaving oil. Lastly, ‘Epic’ is an ideal leave-on conditioner for beards, moustaches and goatee’s.

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OR, you could treat your man to the ultra-hydrating Dirt for Men B-Balm (dirtformen.com, $99) which contains Vitamin B complexes that enhances his regular skin care regimen so he gets the maximum benefit every time. ‘B-Balm’ also brightens skin tone, regulates oil production and serves as an anti-inflammatory & and antioxidant. He may not admit it, but he’ll love these benefits. 

For a simpler solution to getting really hydrated skin, especially to soften skin that’s more toughened, Your Man should try Weleda Moisture Cream For Men ($21, usa.weleda.com) – a powerful, lightweight cream that quickly absorbs and locks in moisture for all day comfort. It contains organic jojoba seed oil to restore elasticity and smooth skin and Marshmallow root extract to calm irritation. And for an instant dose of moisture, maybe pick up Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance ($41, dermalogica.com) – dry skin’s best friend. It’s an ultra-rich, Vitamin C enriched moisturizer that reduces the signs of premature aging as well as smooths away the appearance of fine lines.

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