Oils, sheen sprays, glossers and laminating sprays are used with the hope that they’ll make our locks appear glossy under the sun or shimmer under the moonlight. But there’s one option missing – finishing cream hair products. A lot of us think that finishing creams are just too heavy and thick to use, and that they’ll weigh your hair down. This may be true, but a lot depends on the product you use and how much you apply.

If you’ve checked out the corner beauty supply store or taken a stroll through the ethnic beauty section of a drug store, then you’ve probably seen Razac Perfect for Perms Finishing Creme ($6.99, beautyofnewyork.com) on the shelves. If you haven’t used it but always wanted to, here’s what you need to know. This finishing cream is made with a blend of essentials oils and protein which gives your hair lustre. Before you apply this product to your hair, be mindful of how much you use – a quarter-size is just enough.

Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter ($10.50, macys.com) is good for minimizing breakage and conditioning your hair and scalp, but because it contains seven essential oils (one of which is shea butter), you’ll inevitably get shiny hair.

Women with curly, kinky or wavy hair may like Hair Rules Hydrating Finishing Cream ($20, ulta.com) which touts itself as a non-greasy finishing product – it’s true. Before you get that desired healthy, glossy-looking hair, you first get hydrated, soft hair that lasts all day long. Also, refresh your style by applying this cream on dry hair. A little dab will do ya.

The hunt for that perfect product that delivers the results we want and require is never-ending. But when you find what works for you why look any further? The answer is because we’re fickle chicks who love discovering the next big thing!

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