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Lingerie: Your Summer Vacation Packing List


There’s always a lot of talk about what clothing items you should take on a summer holiday, but what do you pick when it comes to lingerie? Choosing the right lingerie to take on a trip with you is really important, since you’ll need to be comfortable with the underwear you’re wearing for the duration of your trip. Although if you’re taking a summer trip, you’ll probably find yourself spending most of the time in a bikini, but it’s also necessary to take the right lingerie for all of the other activities you’ll have planned.


Swimwear counts as lingerie, and choosing the right swimwear to take on a summer trip can be hugely important. As a general rule, you should never take any swimwear that you don’t feel completely comfortable in. If you hate the way you look in a certain bikini, it’s probably best to simply leave it at home because chances are, your feelings won’t change when you’re wearing it on the beach. Because swimwear can leave you exposed and noticing your flaws more, it’s better to go for swimwear which you feel comfortable in rather than those which are the latest fashion trends.

Regular Lingerie

The lingerie that you take on holiday with you will probably depend on the type of trip that you are taking. Regular lingerie is always a good idea, especially if you’re going to be walking around a lot or if it’s going to be a very high temperature which could cause lacy lingerie to chafe or rub. Plain, cotton underwear is always the best idea for taking on holiday as this is the most comfortable and also the most breathable in hot temperatures. It’s always better to take a couple more pairs of panties than you think you will need just in case – the last thing that you need is to be thrown into the pool as a joke with your last pair of clean panties on!

Sexy Lingerie

vintageroseIf you’re planning a romantic trip with your significant other, taking sexy lingerie is a must. Dressing up in your nicest piece like – Grace cami by Scandale ($31.99, hourglassangel.com) after a romantic meal together watching the sunset can add a little fire to a growing-in-sexual-tension moment. When it comes to sexy lingerie, much like swimwear, only pack the items you feel the most comfortable in. No matter how gorgeous the lingerie is, confidence is sexier than anything else. Pack lingerie that can easily fit into your travel luggage like a sexy bra and thong set or a floaty babydoll for a bit more cover up.

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