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This Brand Puts The “F” In Fun Fragrance Again


Moschino Fresh Couture fragrance

Mundane? Never Solange Knowles queen of high-low fashion, and not Moschino‘s latest fragrance statement – Fresh Couture. 

The Buzz

MOSCHINO Fresh Couture fragrance is inspired by Moschino’s spring/summer 2016 “car wash couture” collection, Fresh Couture and was designed to juxtapose the most mundane and commonplace of all products, the household cleaner, with something precious, the juice of a luxury brand’s fragrance. The result? The ultimate dichotomy of high and low – what could be more Moschino than that? Housed in a modern, elegant coffret made with the finest quality material, this fragrance bottle includes a touch of gold detailing as a nod to refinement and luxury. Making the aspirational accessible to all, the carton opens to reveal the unexpected ‘cleaning bottle’ flacon in a very MOSCHINO interpretation of contemporary style. Fresh Couture opens with Bergamot, Mandarin, Ylang Ylang notes, then settles into Raspberry, White Peony, Osmanthus notes, and closes with notes of  Cedar Wood, White Patchouli, Ambrox. The price is $82.00 for 3.4 ounce and is available at Bloomingdales.com.

Why You’ll Love It

I am completely obsessed with this household cleaner shape that looks like what? Windex. Fresh Couture has more than it’s fun bottle shape to keep you interested; the juice inside the bottle is something quite special. Prone to like the sweeter notes of fragrances…must be the Raspberry! This perfume had me at the first spritz. Even when the juice is all gone, I see myself holding onto the bottle because it’s so darn cute.

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