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Perfect Your Beach Wavy Hair Like Nicki Minaj

Beach Wavy Hair

After penning hit after hit, it’s any wonder rap/songstress Nicki Minaj still has time to serve us flawless-looking beach wavy hair. To get beach wavy hair like Nicki, automatically, try the CHI ARC automatic rotating curler, which takes the work out of getting perfect curls.

The Buzz

The CHI ARC automatic rotating curler now comes in a 1 ¼” and ¾” ceramic barrel sizes and costs $129.98 at Ulta stores. It does everything from alleviating wrist discomfort, which generally occurs when using a manual curling iron, to creating long-lasting, curl perfection. In addition, the ceramic barrel, which heats up to 410 degrees promises even heat distribution, eliminates frizz and leaves hair feeling soft to the touch.

Why You’ll Love It

The only issue you’ll have with creating beach wavy hair using the CHI ARC automatic rotating curler, is with you letting go of control! After you’ve placed a small section of hair between the barrel and the clip, push the arrow button in the desired direction and let it curl. You then hold the tool in place to heat and release! The CHI ARC automatic rotating curler heats up to 410 degrees Farenheit in 30 seconds, while the LCD digital temperature display helps you easily adjust your heat settings and features right and left control buttons and a reset button to bring the clip back to its start position for maximum ease.  And don’t be concerned about burning your hair, because the new “beep” feature alerts you when to release the curl.

Check out this how-to video to learn how to use this tool.

I wonder what Nicki’s new boo Meek Mill thinks about her gorgeous locks?

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Got a beauty question? Tweet me @HueKnewIt with the hashtag #AskGregorie

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