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La La Anthony Says Yes To Perky Breasts

Perky Breasts

Clearly, La La Anthony wasn’t the only who got the message early on that wearing a bra to bed is the only way to preserve perky breasts and avoid sagging boobs. Well, Nightlift The Night Time Sleep Bra is here to help.

The Buzz

Glam moms La La Anthony, Tori Spelling and Lisa Rinna all know the power of Nightlift -the no-sag solution to helping maintain their perky breasts. Created by Dr. Randal Haworth, Nightlift is the most effective sleep support lingerie on the market. The line of versatile bras provide multi-dimensional, comfortable support as  you sleep, while preventing gravitational pull, splaying, and wrinkles in order to keep your breasts looking their best. Nightlift - preserve perky breasts

If you don’t believe that your breasts, will in fact droop over time, take a look at the this Nightlift graphic, which should scare you straight into one their bras: Figure 1 is the perfect breast, Figure 2 is what happens when there is no vertical daytime support, and Figure 3 is what happens when there is no lateral nighttime support. For more information on what occurs to your breasts as you sleep on your back or side, click here. Nightlift bras range in price from $98-$128 and can be purchased at nightlift.com.

Why You’ll Love It

The styles aren’t sterile and uninspired, they’re feminine and sexy and really comfortable to wear, making them perfect for daily wear and special occasions. And if you’re wondering which Nightlift bra I own, it’s the one pictured…exquisite!

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