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Wedding Hair Preppin’

Nailing down the perfect wedding hair look tops the to-do lists of many brides-to-be, like actress and PEOPLE StyleWatch Style Council Member Jamie Chung, every year. So HueKnewIt explores using scientifically-proven products from Rogaine, Viviscal, and Nourage to help you prepare your hair for a fabulous wedding hair look.

June is THE premiere month for wedding going’s on, and what tops that list of things to do before the big day is nailing down your wedding hair look…a fact  that isn’t lost on Jamie Chung, who is set to tie the knot with fiancé Bryan Greenberg sometime this year. If your stylist has something to say about it, a piece or two will most likely make it’s way onto your head to help complete your look on the big day. But, in the event you’re seeking a more au naturele look, then look towards scientifically-proven products that will help your own hair look wedding-ready.

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 Thicken It

Waaayyy before the big day, I’m talking at least three to six months in advance, consider using Women’s ROGAINE® Foam ($29.99-$49.99, rogaine.com) – a once a day, unscented clinical solution to regrowing thicker hair. Minoxodil, the active ingredient is massaged into the thinning areas of your scalp of dry or towel-dried hair, which then stimulates inactive hair follicles, reactivating them so hair grows. Let the foam dry and you’re ready to style your hair.

Another hair growing option via  a serum delivery system is Viviscal Hair & Scalp Serum ($29.99, viviscal.com) – a drug-free  lightweight, non-greasy topical hair solution that promotes thicker-looking, shinier hair. How you ask? The serum contains 7.5% strength Ana:Tel™ complex, a combination of clinically-tested ingredients derived from natural sources like pea sprouts and grape seeds, which conditions the scalp and promotes thicker looking hair. Other ingredients include Menthol, which cools your scalp and makes it feel invigorated and healthy – the perfect environment for healthy hair to live and for more to grow.

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 Get the Dull Out

Perhaps you want to boost the lustre-appeal of your hair for your walk down the aisle. In this case, opt for Nourage vitamins ($59.95, nourage.com) that contain the most biologically available keratin, which has been proven to invigorate hair health and stop hair loss so yours looks richer, thicker and shinier. As an added bonus, Nourage also strengthens and smooths nails and increases your skin’s moisture content.

Hue Knew It? I did.

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