Jonathan Adler Introduces ‘Pop’!

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Jonathan Adler Introduces ‘Pop’!

Pop is a high-design collection of hand, body and bath products in succulent scents and juicy colors from designer, potter, author & personality, Jonathan Adler.  

The everyday essentials collection is designed with Jonathan’s signature bright, bold aesthetic. This is a collection that gives your beauty routine a welcome injection of style.

Pop Hand Wash and Lotion Set (grapefruit, tomato) is a coconut oil-enriched hand lotion that hydrates and conditions skin to protect it naturally.

Pop Body Wash (grapefruit, fig): Get a fragrance boost with this stimulating body wash, formulated with natural antioxidants minus the parabens. The flash foam gel gets skin clean without stripping away natural moisturizers.

Pop Body Lotion (grapefruit, fig) is formulated with natural coconut oil and antioxidants. This replenishing lotion helps moisturize, condition and protect for all-day soft, smooth skin.
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