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Drive More Traffic to your website!

HUEKNEWIT’s mission of delivering quality in-depth news and trends continues on our robust website and through our enewsletter, BEAUTY NEWS. is leading the way in the beauty industry with a highly focused, content-rich website that drives traffic!

HUEKNEWIT’s enewsletter, BEAUTY NEWS, is published 5x a week and celebrity hair styles, beauty trends, product suggestions, and updates about hot new products. Website Statistics:

  • Monthly page views: 60,000 +
  • Monthly unique visitors: 28,000 +
  • Average pages viewed per visit: 2.1

Readership Statistics: 14,000+ opt-in, qualified subscribers

online rates/specs


Location Rotations Size (Width x Height) Rate
Top Banner Ad 3x 728 pixels x 90 pixels $750/month
Tower Banner Ad 3x 175 pixels x 300 pixels $500/month
Small Side Banner Ad 3x 300 pixels x 250 pixels $350/month
Wallpaper Ad Background of website $750/week

Beauty News Banner Ad Sizes & Rates

Location Size (Width x Height) Rate
Top Banner Ad 615 pixels x 90 pixels $750/month
Large Side Banner Ad 175 pixels x 300 pixels $500/month
Small Side Banner Ad 175 pixels x 100 pixels $350/month

Banner Ad Specs

  • File size no larger than 72KB
  • Animated gif or tif files highly recommended

Dedicated eblast Specs

  • Submit your artwork as a JPEG, PDF, or HTML file. If an HTML file is submitted, you are responsible for hosting images in the email on your own website.
  • Also, with an HTML file, please post the email in its entirety on a back-end location within your website so we can provide a link in the event subscribers cannot open the eblast.
  • The file should be no wider than 650 pixels x 800 pixels tall. Please include your company contact info including website, email and phone.

Dedicated eblast Recommendations
Provide a compelling offer in your email that will encourage retailers to take action. Write a catchy headline that will help your email cut through the clutter. Create a call to action at the end of the email (i.e., email us now to take advantage of the offer, click now to sign-up, etc.).

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