All Those Edge Control Products…Can We Talk?

All Those Edge Control Products…Can We Talk?

Edge Control

Repeat after me…No baby hair shall ever go untamed! 

So how do you rock yours or do you even bother laying down those wayward wisps? For those of you who don’t know, no style is considered finished until said wispy hairs resting along your hairline are firmly held in place in a cute slayed-to-Gods-style.  

Edge control products abound, I’m putting on my first-person hat and stepping from behind the editor’s desk to let you know which one’s did and didn’t work on my naturally worn 4C hair for one reason or another. From those that flaked, left white residue, didn’t tame my edges through humidity, simply oiled my edges, maybe this list will help you on your journey to baby hair nirvana. 


The Buzz

Note for all: I applied each of these edge control products with an extra firm toothbrush. 

The name alone caught my attention….Instant Control Maximum Hold by Mae, so I gave this a shot because my fully grown edges revert in an instant and in all honesty, it’s been a struggle. This slick-proven, super concentrated formula did hold my baby hair in place, but not long after using it I started to see white residue. And even though I tried to work with this product by gently clearing away the white residue, it got to be too much, and so the search continued. What I did like is that I didn’t have to tie my hair down to get it to hold and it didn’t melt throughout the day. 

Price: $9.99


I had such high hopes Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste since the product benefits of able to slick down unruly edges, tame frizz, out of control curls, and add amazing sheen all in one step seemed to speaking directly to me. I was sadly mistaken. Perhaps it was the sweet smell of the formula that also blinded me. With the first application my heart raced with excitement because finally, finally I have found something that will work. I was so wrong. As I moved from section to section brushing this paste in, completed sections were already reverting back. Maybe it’s the shea butter?  My type of coarse hair was no match for this edge control product…my search continued. 

Price: $7.99

Availability: Target stores/

The extra hold in Creme of Nature Perfect Edges Extra Hold is what stopped me in my tracks. Billed as a maximum hold, non-flaking edge gel that works on taming stubborn edges and creating sleek, smooth styles I’m wondering if it’s too late for a refund. I’m sure this product is good for someone, but I spent another $6 to learn that it’s purchase was yet another mistake. This contains Argan Oil, which I’m thinking is a no-go for my needs. My hair type requires the heaviest of hands when it comes to its slicking and staying ability. This product applies easily enough and is not as thick as aforementioned Instant Control, but it does hold, but only for maybe 30 minutes (if that) and then my hair reverts. To the left, to the left…

Price: $5.99

Availability: Target stores/
My hope crashed in an instant when I used Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Control Edge Glaze. I love the coconut scent, but I hate the white residue this product leaves on my hair as I apply it. I’m starting to think that I’m the problem. This product claims it’s lightweight, no flakes, non-sticky, and is non-greasy…I agree with all of the above, yet the problem I wanted it to resolve wasn’t resolved! Even though it held my hair in place, I couldn’t quite accept the fact that I’d also have to deal with a white cast on my edges so I opted out. 
Price: $8.99
Availability: Sally beauty stores/
You’re probably wondering of any of these products worked for me…EBIN International 24 Hour Extra Mega Hold and EBIN International 48 Hour Extra Mega Holdis what I’ve been looking for since I went the natural route and I couldn’t be more thrilled. While both contain Argan oil, which I thought was an issue with a previously talked about product, there is no white reside, no flaking, holds in place for as long as the package say it will and I don’t have to tie down my hair. These products offer an unrivaled strong hold and is th ebest edge control I have ever used. 
Price: $7.99

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