Eggs = Healthy Hair!

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Eggs = Healthy Hair!

Shape Magazine’s beauty expert Bahar Takhtehchian teamed up with the healthy living TV network Veria Living to shows us “a fabulous way to take care of our hair… and make it look lovely.”

Eggs are super rich in protein & fat, so they’re extremely moisturizing, while the keratin it contains (about 70%) helps rebuild damaged hair. Egg whites also contain enzymes that help kill bacteria and manage excess oil.


Two eggs, 1 bowl, 1 fork and a shower!

Ø Crack egg into a bowl and gently whisk with a fork.

Ø Once the mixture is made, gently shampoo hair & apply.

Ø Saturate hair with mixture, really focusing on your scalp and comb through for even distribution.

Ø Keep mixture in hair for approx. 10 minutes or sit under hairdryer with hair uncovered for quicker results.

Ø Shampoo and deep condition your hair.

Ø Your healthy scalp and hair is ready to flaunt!

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