Beauty on a Budget: Get Nicki Minaj’s Performance Looks

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Beauty on a Budget: Get Nicki Minaj’s Performance Looks

Even record companies are feeling the pinch. The days of record labels fully investing in an artist to develop both their sound and look are long gone. Today’s economic environment and the downturn in the giant profits the labels once enjoyed calls for a new business model – one that requires an artist to come with a complete package that’s ready for marketing from day one of their signed contract.

Let’s imagine for a moment that Nicki Minaj’s persona was self-invented and self-financed. If this premise were true, then she’d have to find cost-cutting ways to bring her vision to life without sacrificing the end result. Her costume choices and the makeup she wears to bring it all together keeps her fans entranced. And I’m sure given the size of her 1.5 million Twitter fan base alone that there are more than a few hyper-fans who try to emulate her various stage and red carpet looks. For those who want to try out Nicki Minaj’s performance looks try these beauty on a budget products:

With the help of $8 electric blue, silver-flecked Mattese Elite Eyelashes (, Nicki transformed herself into the sexiest Super Woman we’ve seen to date. Linda Carter eat your heart out!

This dynamic performer needs to stand out on stage, so packing on the eyeshadow color with Rimmel London Quad Eyeshadow, Smokey Purple ($6.99, is not a want, but a job requirement.

Packaging you remember is always a do, and if you’ve got a sweet tooth, then you’ll appreciate Nyx Cosmetics Cupcake Gloss for just $8! They come in four styles and scents: strawberry, chocolate, cherry and orange. Besides being pretty, these lip balms actually do moisturize your lips because they contain protective minerals and oils. Pucker up Nicki.

No glam squad hefty price tags here! Nicki’s over-the-top, cartoonish character calls for fun, inexpensive makeup that not only she, but her fans can enjoy for next to no money.

Hue Knew It? I did. 

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