Squeeze Your Way To Gorgeous Eyelashes

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Squeeze Your Way To Gorgeous Eyelashes

Waste not want not.

LashControl® Mascara is a fun and squeezable tube that allows you to control how much mascara is on the brush, so you don’t end up with too much or too little. Just squeeze the color from the middle of the tube and as you pull out the wand, the excess formula stays in the tube. For natural-looking eyelashes, squeeze a lot. For intense lashes, squeeze a little and apply layers.

PINK = Naural Black Lengthening & Conditioning Formula with a Full Tapered Brush. $25

PURPLE = 2xBlack Volumizing Brush with Length and Conditioning formula. $25

CLEAR COAT = Use as a top coat to create depth without adding color-weight or use on the brows for the ultimate in grooming (which I did). $18

The best part? NO Flaking! 

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