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Coconut Oil

kopari beauty infused with coconut oil

There must be something to this coconut oil thing, because for the second time in one week, we’re showing this must-do beauty habit more love. And to this, we submit for your consideration, the newest edition to Sephora store shelves Kopari – a multi-tasking line of coconut-infused products.

The Buzz

The Coconut Multitasking Kit ($46, includes deluxe minis of Kopari’s cult-favorite multi-tasking line. Every product features 100% organic virgin coconut oil as its hero ingredient and are free from sulfates, parabens, silicones and GMOs (genetically modified organism).

The kit includes:

  • Coconut Balm: A one-step intensely moisturizing balm wonder for super dry skin. It softens really dry hands, soothes after sun exposure, heals cracked heels, conditions cuticles, and hydrates any other place that needs it. (1 oz.)
  • Organic Coconut Melt: The all-over moisturizing remedy can be used for under eye rescuing, hair deep-conditioning, belly-balming, baby skin soothing, as a massage oil, and as shave oil. (2 oz.)
  • Coconut Body Glow: Beach bound? Slather on this beach-y beauty glow and instantly smell like pure paradise as the  natural pearlescent minerals makes your skin shimmer in all the right places. Use it as a day glow, after glow, and highlighter (1 oz.).
  • Coconut Sheer Oil: This lightweight beauty oil is jam-packed with anti-aging properties. Coconut sheer Oil moisturizes your face, removes makeup, mends split ends, conditions cuticles, and tames flyaways.

To learn about Kopari’s CBD collection click here.

Why You’ll Love It

It’s obvi that Kopari’s numerous beauty benefits are a girl’s dream, but I’m also impressed with it’s tote-ability factor – 10’s across the board. You can enjoy these products on the road because they are TSA-approved and travel-ready, so you look fresh, always, anywhere.

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