A Sustainable Fragrance Green Beauties Everywhere Will Want

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A Sustainable Fragrance Green Beauties Everywhere Will Want

Sustainable Beauty

sustainable beauty by clean reserve

Literally from the bottom to the top of the CLEAN Reserve bottle, there are five reasons why eco-conscious green beauties like actress, Rashida Jones will want to own the newest sustainable beauty launches from CLEAN Perfume: CLEAN Reserve Amber Saffron and CLEAN Reserve Skin [reserve blend].

The Buzz

sustainable beauty by clean reserveDescribed as warm & sexy, CLEAN Reserve Amber Saffron is a fresh and spicy, yet comforting fragrance that lets you experience a new type of gourmand with a sultry sweetness of raspberries, soothing musks, delicate florals and exquisite saffron. Top notes include: Bergamot, Armoise Artemisia, and Mandarin Oil. Middle notes include: Rose, Lily, and Raspberry. Bottom notes include:Musk, Saffron, and Amber. The perfumer, Takasago was inspired by the seductive tension that comes from what’s desired and what’s forbidden.

“I am captured by the allure of something that I have never smelled. A forbidden ecstasy, a ménage a Trois of Artemisia, succulent bergamot and wild berries that heighten my curiosity. Decadent florals of Damascus Rose and Black Orchid wrapped in sensuous skin musk, warm amber and saffron bring a rapturous call. I lust, I desire. Is it temptation that calls me? Dare I embrace it?”

-Steven Claisse, Senior Perfumer, Takasago

The Sustainable Ingredient: Mandarin Oil

“Selecting Mandarin Oil cultivated in Brazil allows our perfumers to work with raw materials gathered by growers from all over the world.We actively support communities and their livelihoods with financial and environmental assistance, while they grant us access to their highly prized, uplifting sensual oil.”

Price: $90, Availability: Sephora, CLEANReserve.com

Described as musky, ​CLEAN Reserve Skin [reserve blend]  is the essence of warmth with fragrant Salted praline and sweet Tonka Bean, wrapped in soft musks, which captures the sensation of a comforting warmth. Fragrance notes include top notes of Fresh Musks, middle notes of Warm Skin Accord, Tonka Bean, and bottom note Salted Praline. Reserve skin fragrance is complimented by delicate notes of orange blossom and a touch of sweet honeysuckle. The perfumer was inspired by the feeling of a warm embrace and a loving touch.

 Capturing the tenderness and soft intimacy of a warm embrace, this rich scent embodies true sensuality.”

-Harry Fremont, Perfumer, Firmenich

The Sustainable Ingredient: Copaiba Oil

“Working directly with communities in the Amazon and providing them with technical and financial support ensures the sustainable sourcing of Copaiba Oil, a deep sensual oil that forms the heart of the Reserve Blend of Skin.”

Price: $90, Availability: Sephora, CLEANReserve.com

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