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Hue Knew It

Editorial Policy

Beauty Tested by Us, Loved by You – that’s how HueKnewIt selects its products. All HueKnewIt items are handpicked by our editors, contributors and readers.

HueKnewIt’s editors and contributors (never advertisers) choose items based on their style, design, innovation, and, most importantly, usefulness. We search the web, shop the market, and work with companies big and small to make sure you get the most up-to-date, exclusive previews and how-to’s of the coolest products and services.

We promise that none of our recommendations are paid for or come from advertising. Product(s) sent for review or services rendered for review does not guarantee editorial placement on HueKnewIt. No one can pay to be featured unless the entry is clearly marked as an “Advertisement” or a “Sponsored/Dedicated” entry in the subject line…but even those will be chic, little bits of fabulousness.

And in case you’re wondering, we would never ever consider selling our subscriber list or information to anyone. Not even for a lifetime supply of lip gloss.

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We claim the rights to any images on this blog, unless stated otherwise. If you have any concerns regarding the content of, please contact us.