Get The Tea On Foot Treatments for Calluses

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Get The Tea On Foot Treatments for Calluses

Head-to-toe beauty is literally what it’s all about for Kerry Washington on the many red carpets she graces. For hooves that appear soft, supple and ash-free like our small screen starlet, try these simple-to-use at-home foot treatments for calluses.

Avoid Woefully, Dry Feet

To avoid woefully, dry feet, moisturize them with O’Keeffe’s for Healthy Feet ($7.99, – a non-oil based, Glycerin concoction that, when applied helps feet with even the thickest of skin, retain moisture. For uber moisture relief, moisturize your feet with O’Keeffe’s after you’ve showered and wear a thin pair of 100% cotton socks overnight. The next morning you’ll wake up with feet even you would be proud of.

Slicing your 1000 thread-count sheets with the backs of your heels is a sad case of just plain laziness, so start using Freeman Bare Foot Repair For Cracked Heels ($5.99, – an intensive foot balm made with Urea, Karanja Oil, Neem Oil and Rosemary to deeply penetrate severely dry, cracked heels.

Banish Callused Skin Inexpensively

HATE that the Silk’n Pedi ($39.95, doesn’t come with two needed AA batteries, but minus that little inconvenience, LOVE this tool! You could spend a small fortune on professional pedicures or you could tighten up those purse strings by using this at-home tool that smooths away the rough patches in only a few minutes. Pedi comes with two rollers that easily banishes callused skin – one has a rougher grain for hard to treat areas, while the other has a fine grain for you sensitive chicks. Just remember that this tool is only to be used on dry, not damp skin. For best results apply body lotion, oil or cream to the skin for a Silk’n smooth finish.

Hue Knew It? I did.

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