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Get FREE Hair Products from Jane Carter Solution

GIVEAWAY-jane carter

WINNER: Congrats Tishana Trainor!

Enter To Win Two Must-Have Free Hair Products From Jane Carter Solution! The first HueKnewIt giveaway of the year, starts with two products that will help get your scalp through this miserable winter season…

Jane Carter Solution Scalp Renew: Alleviates dry, flaky scalp and helps prevent hair loss.

Jane Carter Solution Scalp Nourishing Serum: Reduces itching, flaking, heals and soothes scalp, especially during the Winter months.

ONE person will win. Rules: Answer the following question… What body treatment did I recently have (and where) that involved a white bodysuit? HINT: “spa” LEAVE YOUR ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. Ends: February 5, 2014 @ 5pm EST. Winners will be announced HERE. IMPORTANT: The notified winner MUST respond within 48 hours of an email being sent from or another person will be selected. I mean it! REMEMBER TO LEAVE YOUR TWITTER HANDLE (if you have one) & EMAIL ADDRESS!

THE ANSWER: Endermologie Treatment at the White Tea Med Spa


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