Hair Styling Tools You Can’t Live Without!

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Hair Styling Tools You Can’t Live Without!

Goody’s got game! A lot of us know this brand for their trusty hair accessories, especially their elastics that don’t tug at your tresses. But now the good folks at Goody have spread their wings and have entered the hair styling tools category. Of their new launches, Goody Heat Flash Dry Lightweight Dryer ($36.99, resonated big time with HKI purely because of it’s size & shape. You might think after first removing this dryer from the box that it would weigh your arm down but you’d be wrong – this puppy weighs almost nothing and does one thing really well – it dries your hair quickly and easily because the shaft of the dryer and tip points directly at your head so you’re not playing arm olympics!

HKI is a sucker for compact tools like the Corioliss Baby SXE Root Lifter, Black ($75, and this one delivers in spades. It’s the perfect little tool that works like it’s normal-sized counterparts because you get just as much heat on the titanium plates – 395°F to be exact. Use this tool to touch up your roots and to create piecey looks.
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