Cure Crusty Heel Syndrome with PMD Hand and Foot Kit

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Cure Crusty Heel Syndrome with PMD Hand and Foot Kit

To cure crusty heel syndrome, try the new PMD Hand and Foot Kit that can be used for all over body exfoliation by PMD. This is theHueKnewIt Newsletter Subcription Button latest invention from PMD, which works to uncover your most vibrant, radiant skin on your chest, elbows, hands, fee, or anywhere you have uneven tone or texture in just a few minutes a week.

The new hand and foot kit includes four black exfoliating body discs and two red exfoliating coarse discs in two cap sizes for use on your body or face. PMD’s red discs provide the fifth highest level of exfoliation and the black discs are the maximum level to be used on rougher skin such as heels and elbows.

This easy-to-use device replicates an expensive spa microdermabrasion as it gives you the same results, leaving you looking as great as you feel. PMD uses professional grade aluminum oxide crystals on rotating discs combined with vacuum suction that promotes exfoliation, new collagen growth and cell renewal while removing dead skin cells to reveal healthy, clear skin. This system diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, uneven skin tone, age spots, fine lines, sun spots, and blemishes right at home. By clearing out pores and buffing away unwanted dead skin, PMD allows beauty products to penetrate 20 times deeper, leaving a more even pigmentation and a flawless complexion. Women of all skin types are able to improve their confidence and rejuvenate their skin.


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