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Ear Wax

Ear wax is a thing. And becomes an especially bothersome condition during the summer season given the increase in social outings to the beach, pools, and parks. Introducing Wax-Rx, the solution for the deep clean your ears need.

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The Buzz

Wax-Rx is an over-the-counter ear irrigation system that deep cleans your ears while helping to prevent possible bacterial infections. The gentle solution is a soothing  Vitamin C formula of the pH Conditioning Powder that mimics the acidic pH of the ear, which helps preserve the acidic environment of the ear.  And within minutes, stubborn ear wax is painlessly removed.

The kit includes an ear wash sprayer bottle, a small basin, ear drops, and the pH Conditioning Powder.

Price: $39.95 / $14.95 for refill


Why You’ll Love It

I’m still at a lost as to why I am constantly removing ear wax, and the problem just seems to be getting worse. I not only deal with this annoying problem after having washed my hair, but even after after my hair is dry and no water has touched my ears. And no amount of Q-tips helps. After just one use of Wax Rx, I noticed immediate, positive results. The solution gently dissolved wax lodged in my ear canal, while softening what’s on the fold as well.  I’ve only used the system once, but so plan on using it every weekend until it’s time to refill. This is an absolute must-purchase.

Photo Credit: The Last Magazine

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