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Being short on time and patience needn’t be the reason why you cut some of your daily beauty regimen should suffer. Instead, consider these 4 instant beauty fixes that will keep readers looking good with time to spare.

If only we could go through the aging process with people looking at us through soft-focused lenses and diffused lighting, à la every Barbara Walter’s interview, plastic surgeries would cease to exist! Rather than surgeries, think nanoblur ($19.99, trynanoblur.com) and L’Oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur Instant Skin Smoother Oil-Free ($24.99, lorealparisusa.com) – two products that blur the lines of the harsh reality of fine lines and wrinkles.

Originally used by on-camera talent, nanoblur instantly creates a near flawless complexion by smoothing out high-definition visible imperfections like fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, uneven texture and tone because the “groundbreaking formula uses the most advanced form of optical prism technology to change the way light reflects off the skin.”

L’Oreal’s Miracle Blur uses Opti-Blur Technology with SPF 30 to diffuse light, so you get a soft-focus effect which erases the look of lines, wrinkles and pores in just 30 seconds. ‘Miracle’ also leaves your skin with a velvety-soft matte finish and when worn under foundation, gives you a smoother, more even application. Apply  after moisturizer.

Shallow yes, but looks do matter, so use the stylishly packed Motif Olive Leaf & Coriander Moist Hand & Face Wipes ($1.99, motifiliving.com) the next time you need a wipe in a hurry. Made with Aloe and Vitamin E, you’ll enjoy the fragrance of these wipes…smells of olive leaf and coriander notes mingled with mandarin and lemongrass.

Nad’s is on a roll with their new quick & easy Bikini and Underarm Wax Strips ($7.99. walgreens, walmart stores, amazon.com, drugstore.com). No spatulas or melted wax needed here, just a little brawn every few weeks to safely and quickly remove hair from your underarm and bikini area. Includes 14 underarm wax strips (7 double sided), 10 bikini wax strips (5 double sided), 2 post wax calming oil wipes and a 0.53 oz moisture + soothing body balm.

In lieu of the squeeze or pump action of a moisturizer, try misting it on using Fake Bake Oil-Free Mistifier ($10.99, fakebake.com) which delivers oil-free moisture that lasts all day. If you’re of the tanning ilk, use ‘Mistifier’ before and after a session for added moisture.

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