Drink This: Coconut Water For A Healthy Glow

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Beach bag must have - invo coconut water

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Coconut Water

invo coconut water

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Before you hit the beaches this summer, make sure you pack this beach bag must – INVO Coconut Water to stay refreshed, while maintaining a healthy glow during the extreme weather highs of the season. res.

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The Buzz

Made in Thailand, INVO is made from 100% Coconut juice, and is a natural isotonic, filled with electrolytes and helping to promote rapid hydration! Packed with calcium, magnesium and other natural minerals.

A San Francisco-based company, INVO knows that drinking coconut water is the perfect way to hydrate after a workout, or to stay hydrated in warm temps. INVO is created using a cold pasteurization technique called HPP, which stands for High Pressure Processing or ‘cold-crafting’ that inactivates bacteria, viruses, yeast and molds that are present in all foods, thereby guaranteeing food safety and extending shelf life.

INVO also utilizes several green practices that give back to the natural environment and to those who cultivate it. Sustainable farming empowers the farmer to work with natural processes to conserve resources such as soil and water, while minimizing waste and environmental impact. INVO’s Nursery Project  also provided Nam Hom nursery trees free to growers in Thailand. As of May, 60,000 nursery trees had been given to to local growers.

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Why You’ll Love It

My mother is a true connoisseur of coconut, so as soon as I received my package of Pure, Tropical, and Green Tea flavors, it took her only minutes to consume Pure…and her thoughts to me? “Gregorie, this is really good!” And there you have it. I opted for the Tropical flavor and was pleasantly surprised, especially since this was my first, ever, coconut drink ever. I have yet to touch the Green Tea because I’m afraid that I’ll be bouncing off the walls unless I have this drink first thing in the morning.

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