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Katy Perry Secret Outlast deodorant protection

Deodorant Protection

Katy Perry Secret Outlast sweat protection

Multi-taskers like Katy Perry – Covergirl brand ambassador, singer, songwriter and entertainer need a deodorant that gives long-lasting odor protection that won’t fail – introducing new Secret Outlast Xtend.

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The Buzz

Ideal for adventure-seekers and multi-taskers, Secret Outlast Xtend, which is available in Clear Gel ($4.29) and Invisible Solid ($4.29), raises the ante on odor protection, giving you better coverage and support for your extended days. Both forms have been developed with Xtend Technology – a patented active enhancer that adheres directly to the skin to help stop odor before it starts. The invisible solid form gives you just the right amount of coverage and works continuously for 48 hours. The clear gel dries fast, adheres to your skin, and doesn’t leave white marks or residue behind. This also gives you 48 hours of protection.

Available at food, drug, mass retailers, and secret.com,

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Why You’ll Love It

I’ve been a Secret Oulast clear gel user for at least a year now, and that fact that this product is new and improved, gives me yet another reason to stay the course. I’m a habitual everyday deodorant user, but, when I do forget to apply, my body is still safe from odor without skipping a beat on protection. Thumbs up Secret!

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VIDEO: Unboxing The New Secret Clear Gel

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