The Beautiful Benefits of Water

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The Beautiful Benefits of Water

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No Kerry Washington glam squad needed. The simplest way to inject a little care into your skin and hair is by drinking water, and I suggest New Zealand’s 1907Water. More than a thirst quencher, H20 does much in the way of improving the look and feel of our largest organ and maintaining the health of our tresses.

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The Buzz

1907Water is sourced 680 feet deep at the foot of New Zealand’s Kaimanawa Ranges, resulting in pure, uncontaminated water. The lower mineral content of 1907Water naturally alkalized water ensures a smooth finish. The new 1907Water’s 10 L Bag in Box water is made of 100% recycled BPA-free PET and are 100% recyclable. This is a great product to store in the fridge or pantry, take camping, on boats, picnics etc. 1907Water is also available in 3 attractive sizes.

Price: MSRP 2 Liter $3.99, 1 liter $2.19, 500ml: $1.29

The Benefits

  1. Helps sustains moisture levels in your skin so it retains elasticity and decreases the appearance of wrinkles.
  2. Purified water flushes out toxins to help reveal a healthier glow.
  3. Contaminant-free water ensures the every cell in your body is properly hydrated and encourages clear and fresh skin.
  4. According to the Daily Mail UK, “the trick is to wash your hair with shampoo as normal and then rinse it with bottled water for two weeks,” a practice Demi Moore has been rumored to be doing to get shiny locks.

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Why You’ll Love It

Can’t say that I’ve ever had as great an experience as I’ve had with 1907Water. Until now, many bottled waters have left me feeling underwhelmed because my palette was left with a strange aftertaste. From the moment the UPS delivered my box of water, I, of course did the obligatory social media sharing and got to the business of drinking, and not for nothing, I’m hooked! It’s crisp, clear and smooth and I find myself only reaching for this brand over and over again.

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