LUXHAIR: Quality Wigs For $99 Or Less By Sherri Shepherd

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LUXHAIR: Quality Wigs For $99 Or Less By Sherri Shepherd

March 28, 2015 – Bergen County, New Jersey. Where can a woman by quality wigs for $99 or less? Sherri Shepherd’s LUXHAIR NOW. I recently spent some time with the company co-Founder, actress and comedienne and a gaggle of women from the Bergen County Chapter of Mocha Moms, for which she is also a member, getting to know the brand a little better. This event could only be described in one word, yaaassss!”

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Not knowing what to expect as I entered Sherri’s home, I was quickly greeted by the sound of women doing what they do when gathered en masse…party like a rock star with mini conversations from the kitchen spilling into the main event – Wig Master and celebrity lead stylist, of LUXHAIR , Robert Thomas giving Mocha Mom’s fun makeovers with the various wig styles.

On a mission to find the very reason for which I was invited, shortly after entering, I ran into Miss Sherri (as I like to call her in my head) and the gabfest between us began with talks of why she started this business and more- pre-wig I might add. See video….

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Sherri and her wall of hair! Wearing: LUXHAIR NOW Sleek Bob. Holding: LUXHAIR NOW Soft Curls

With the cost of the most expensive wig within the line topping off at$99, these lightweight, synthetic wigs, that can be curled at a low heat are certainly affordable. And for those few consumers whose wallets come up short, Sherri often gifts wigs to fellow wig lovers – enter Sherri’s wall of wigs!


As the night pressed on, Mocha Mom members bravely completed their alter ego transformation with a haute wig picked just for them.




Tips For First Time Wiggie’s

What is Mocha Moms?

Mocha Moms is simply a community of women who are mothers that  serves as an advocate for those mothers and  encourages the spirit of community activism within its membership. Moved to a new city and don’t know anyone? Contact your local Mocha Moms chapter to meet mom’s like you.

Facebook: Bergen County Mocha Moms

hueknewit BREAKING NEWS LUXHAIR NOW Luscious Layers
A Mocha Mom member wearing LUXHAIR NOW Luscious Layers
hueknewit BREAKING NEWS LUXHAIR NOW Goddess Waves
FAR RIGHT: Mocha Moms – Bergen County Chapter President, Tiffany Kerr wears LUXHAIR NOW Goddess Waves. Her alter ego? Porcha

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