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Red-Carpet Ready Eye Shadow in 4 Seconds: HueKnewIt founder and beauty expert Gregorie Guillaume quickly shows you how to get red-carpet ready eye shadow in 4 seconds using Eye Majic™ Instant Eye Shadow. It’s the first “hold-and-press” eye shadow applicator that imparts high-pigment colors so anyone can achieve precise, flawless, eye shadow looks in 10 seconds! It’s as simple as 1,2,3 and you have tons of eyeshadow combinations to choose from. No more stressful eye shadow application. Get more info about celeb hair styles, beauty trends and product suggestions at

Product Credit(s): Eye Majic™ Instant Eye Shadow

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Host and Executive Producer: Gregorie Guillaume, @hueknewit

Executive Producer: Tara Guillaume

Videographer: Team HueKnewIt

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