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This is sadly the last in a three-part series project with Motions Hair Care and believe it or not to wrap things up, they really do want to know how I stay fierce without compromising myself. Go figure.

Maybe you should ask yourself the same question from time to time so you don’t lose track of who you are

So here are 10 rules that help me be the fiercest Gregorie I can be…

10. Reinvention has and will always be the key to my survival. The best purchase I ever made was Harper’s Bazaar’s Great Style: Best Ways to Update Your Look because it helped me hone in on my personal style – a little bit rocker, urban & jet-set all rolled into one.

9.  I don’t follow trends. I adopt the parts of a trend that work for me and discard the rest.

8.  I’m comfortable saying no. If it doesn’t work for me I don’t do it.

7.  I embrace that fact that beauty is just is my thing. A day spent at the local drug store beauty aisle makes my insides jump for joy. My blood pressure’s already starting to rise just thinking about my next trip down the aisle.

6.  I can’t worry about what the world thinks of me, otherwise I’d never sleep and bags just ain’t a good look!

5.  I spend every chance I get laughing & giggling like a school girl…it’s great for the soul and it lets me trade in grown up stress for little girl fun so I do it often.

4.  I can’t make everyone happy so I don’t even try – my spikey hair isn’t going anywhere folks!

3.  I’m a horrible liar so I keep it real with whomever, whenever possible – with tact of course wink wink.

2.  I’m comfortable saying out loud that my favorite show is the Golden Girls – the original Sex & the City.

1.  Come hell or high water, I’m doing me until the end!

So tell me, what are one two things that help you stay fierce? Leave me a comment and let’s chat!

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