3 Must-Use Styling Aids for Natural Hair

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3 Must-Use Styling Aids for Natural Hair

What bonds coarse, kinky and curly hair is the wave pattern, texture and its porosity. Porosity means that hair can easily absorb water, but loses that moisture just as quickly, leaving it dry and in desperate need of hydration. For this reason, it’s important to zero in on styling aids for natural hair that lock in moisture because if your hair is dry and brittle, breakage will become yet another issue you’ll need to contend with.

Chances are you haven’t heard of Aquage styling products or their offshoot line, Biomega because they’re only sold in salons. Once you’ve used Biomega Silk Shampoo & the Intensive Conditioner ($17 each), your coarse hair is instantly turned into silky hair making it much easier to manage. The conditioner alone is made with omega oils (nature’s most powerful moisturizer) like macadamia nut oil to build and seal the hair cuticle, tiare flower extract (blended with coconut oil) to restore that healthy lustre, and hibiscus extract which forms a barrier against moisture loss. Click here to find a salon near you and discover the product that delivers results tenfold.

If your coarse hair is relaxed, permed or tinted and you’ve been experiencing hair breakage (i.e. when you brush or comb it dry or it feels mushy when wet or brittle when it’s dry) then Aphogee Two-Step Protein Treatment ($22.99, sallybeauty.com) is for you. The modified proteins and magnesium (when activated under heat) fuses to your hair essentially reducing breakage. However, be aware of two things: when applied, this treatment hardens your hair which just means it’s working; the other thing is the foul smell, but who cares because it’s rebuilding your hair structure and stops breakage in about six weeks. Isn’t seeing less hair on the floor and more hair on your head worth the smell? Just do it!     

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