Rihanna Crushes It With Her Newest Fragrance

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Rihanna Crushes It With Her Newest Fragrance

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When RiRi isn’t busy work, work, workin’ on hot music and gracing us with trending fashionable garb, she’s giving s the best she’s got in an intoxicating new fragrance – Crush by Rihanna.

The Buzz

Crush is the second fragrance in the RiRi collection is an unapologetic, sexy, provocative scent that breaks boundaries as it sets new rules. Sensual woody notes are paired with playful red fruits and pink musks to create an undeniably fun, feminine twist. The addictive floriental opens with a vibrant splash of bergamot, juicy mandarin, and vivacious peppercorn. At the center, pink rose is accented with spicy ylang drizzled in the tangy sweetness of red berries for a mouthwatering signature, while creamy musk, cedarwood and sexy patchouli combine to leave a lush, lasting impression.

Designed by RiRi herself, the bottle combines a sense of luxury and femininity.Its rich golden hues create an irresistible allure that is accented by a playful touch of pink on the outer box. The eye-catching, luxurious jewelry-inspired pattern on the cap is alluring to the touch, and is carried through to the outer box, creating a chic, high-fashion contrast to the bottle’s feminine lines.

Crush is available Macy’s and macys.com.

3.4oz EDP – $60

Holiday Set (3.4oz EDP + 0.2 EDP Rollerball + 3oz Body Lotion) – $60

1.0 oz EDP – $36

.2oz Rollerball – $20

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Why You’ll Love It

I really wanted to not like this fragrance simply because it had a celeb attached to it. The thinking? I always feel like a celeb is more interested in expanding their names and pocketbooks rather truly developing a fragrance that they themselves would even wear. At first spray of Crush I was a complete fan, but on the second day I scaled back my opinion a bit because of the spicy ylang note…not a fan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be. Overall, Crush is a RiRi-worthy fragrance – a fragrance worthy of your hard-earned cash if sweet and spicy in your perfumes work for you.

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