New LIPSTICK QUEEN Launches – Spring 2014

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New LIPSTICK QUEEN Launches – Spring 2014

Introducing new LIPSTICK QUEEN launches for Spring 2014…

The new shade to join the ‘Endless Summer’ range: ALOHA
Introducing the latest addition to Lipstick Queen’s bright, surf-inspired Endless Summer ($22), Aloha! Launching in April 2014, Aloha’s fire-red pigment epitomises the spirit and idea that we can each find our own endless summer. Enriched with Vitamin E and natural oils, the glossy super-nourishing lipstick keep lips intensely moisturized while protecting them from the sun’s harmful rays, thanks to UVA and UVB filters. Sheer enough to wear all year round, whatever the weather, the Endless Summer collection of moisturizing and SPF 15 lipsticks are sunshine in a tube.
The new limited edition shade: LET THEM EAT CAKE
Worn alone, limited-edition Let Them Eat Cake ($45) is the essence of indulgence. Extravagant and feminine, it is an irresistible confection for the lips, reminiscent of an era when pleasure ruled supreme. Worn as a topcoat, it will transform your favorite Lipstick Queen shade with its unique metallic pearl effect – the icing on the cake, if you will! And as it fades, see how the shimmer particles linger, like sprinkles of glitter on the lips. Pure decadence!
The new shade made for wearing with animal prints: JUNGLE QUEEN

Jungle Queen ($22) is a beautiful coral with a pop that works perfectly with animal print clothing and accessories by contrasting against the texture and tone of leopard. Cleverly developed to flatter all complexions, it is ultra-wearable and 100% fabulous when paired with your favorite big cat prints. Roar!

The new shade to join the ‘Oxymoron’ range: OPEN SECRET

Just in time for Spring , the Oxymoron Open Secret collection ($24) is joined by a vibrant new shade, Open Secret! In a beautifully bright and romantically rosy hue, Open Secret bestows lips and cheeks with a bloom of fresh, flattering and ultra-wearable peony. Enriched with nourishing Shea Butter, Avocado and Jojoba, simply blend this one -of-a-kind matte-gloss onto lips and cheeks for a radiant Spring-ready complexion! Open Secret is also housed in an ultra-luxurious, soft-touch gold case, so discover the on-trend shade that looks perfect on your pout and pretty in your purse too!, Space NK and Ulta stores nationwide

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