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NYFW Hair & Beauty Looks S/S ’17

Cinq a Sept SS '17 hair and beauty look

SHOW: Cinq A Sept

LEAD ARTIST: Giovanni Vacarro for Kérastase Paris x Glam Squad

THE INSPIRATION: Boho, curly matte finish


Step 1: Apply Mousse Bouffante to the roots and hit with a blow-dryer using tension from your hands to create added volume and texture

Step 2: Next, part hair starkly in the center

Step 3: Then, take a hanger and bend it into a large U-shape hair pin. Starting from the back, wrap hair around the U-shape, hitting each ribboned section with a flatiron to create an undone bend, making sure to leave the ends out

Step 4: Continue this process throughout hair, wrapping in opposite directions so the curls aren’t uniform

Step 5: If pieces are too curly, use a flatiron to tone down the curl

Step 6: Follow with Spray-a-Porter to enhance that curly, Boho texture

Step 7: Spray Laque Couture all over to hold the style in place

Step 8: For frizz and flyaways, use a diffuser on high and dry against the shaft of the hair

Step 9: Apply VIP Volume in Powder generously throughout as you break apart curls for texture that’s looser and more undone

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