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NYFW Hair & Beauty Looks S/S ’17

SHOW: Rebecca Minkoff

LEAD ARTIST: Michelle Saunders for essie

THE INSPIRATION:  Eclectic cool girl vibes from Minkoff’s line.


Step 1: Start by applying first base base coat to clean nails.

Step 2: Next, apply go go geisha, an antique pink, to just the ring fingers, and let dry.

Step 3: Then, paint maki me happy, a deep crimson, on the rest of the nails.

Step 4: Now, take the maki me happy and while angling your brush horizontally, drag it across the tip of the ring fingers (just shy of half way down your nail).

Step 5: Using go go geisha in this same fashion, paint across the tips of the other nails to complete the look.

Step 6: Finish with gel.setter top coat.

essie pro tip: Michelle suggests holding the brush horizontally to help create a crisp, straight line. Another option is to use clear tape to tape off the area at the tip, simply paint the tip of the nail – be sure to allow the polish to become semi-dry before removing the tape. If you’re more experienced with your nail art, you can instead create negative space by painting the entire nail your base color and then use a flat brush dipped in acetone to remove the tip of the nail’s polish before painting with the accent color.

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