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NYFW Hair & Beauty Looks S/S ’17

Nicholos K SS '17 hair and beauty look

SHOW: Nicholas K

LEAD ARTIST: Creative Director  and celebrity stylist, Giannandrea for Macadamia Professional International

GET THE LOOK – HAIR “The Horsetail”

Step 1: Start with wet hair and apply Macadamia Professional Blow Dry Lotion ($19.95; Ulta.com) throughout the lengths to smooth and protect hair from heat styling. Blow-dry large sections straight with a large round brush.

Step 2: Brush all the hair upward to the top center of the crown. All the sides and back of the hair must direct very tightly to the top center.

Step 3: Pull hair into a ponytail, smoothing all sides as needed and secure with a strong hair elastic.

Step 4: Spray Macadamia Professional Tousled Texture Finishing Spray ($19.95, Ulta.com) through length of the ponytail to create body and definition.

Step 5: Take a medium sized section from the back bottom of the ponytail. Wrap the section around the base of the elastic and spray Macadamia Professional Flex Hold Shaping Hairspray ($19.95; Ulta.com) to help the hair stay in place. Create a tall, 3-inch thick band that covers the elastic. Use straight pins all around while wrapping and smoothing it in place.

Step 6: Lightly spray the top of the head with Macadamia Professional Flex Hold Shaping Hairspray ($19.95; Ulta.com) and gently run hands over the hair to smooth flyaways.

Step 7: Brush the ponytail and spray Macadamia Professional Weightless Moisture Dry Oil Micro Mist ($31.95; Ulta.com) to achieve the ultimate finish and shine for a glamorous look.

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