Sofia Vergara Launches NEW Fragrance – SOFIA

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Sofia Vergara Launches NEW Fragrance – SOFIA

SOFIA BY SOFIA VERGARA is the actress’s first entry into the fragrance category. This new scent is irresistible, intoxicating and seductive. It embodies Sofia’s vibrant personality, innate charm and exotic beauty. The woman who wears Sofia will be impossible to ignore, exuding a passionate energy, glamour and sensuality. Sofia leaves both men and women wanting more.

Sofia was kind enough to tell HueKnewIt about her process of creating this gorgeous fragranceshe said…

“I have always loved perfumes. When I go to a store I have tried almost all of the different perfumes.  So I know what I like and what I think women will like.  So I didn’t know that much about the process since this is my first perfume, but I know what notes I wanted and over time I found a formula that I think is perfect.”

The scent opens with a beautiful blend of berry ingredients to embody Sofia’s vibrant energy; the middle notes symbolize that her heart is forever with her sunny and colorful home country and the base of the fragrance evokes Sofia’s sexy and provocative magnetism.

Inspired by Colombia’s native gem and Sofia’s favorite stone – the emerald – the bottle has been carved into a brilliant, multi-faceted form that radiates the extraordinary glamour for which Sofia is known. Beautiful soft blush and metallic pink colorations reflect her femininity and iconic style.

A juicy oriental floral fragrance, SOFIA BY SOFIA VERGARA is a sparkling cocktail of exquisite notes, including:

TOP NOTES: Blackberry, Sparkling Cassis Buds, Plum

MID NOTES: Purple Violet, Colombian Rose, Colombian Orchid

BASE NOTES: Earthy Woods, Vanilla, Sandalwood

This fragrance will debut this spring exclusively on HSN on April 24th and internationally in key markets and will roll out to retailers nationwide in September.

Price: $55 for 3.4oz and $48 1.7oz

Availability: HSN in April 2014. Launches at Midnight on April 24th. Make sure to tune in!!

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