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HueKnewIt Beauty Wars: Blue Eyeshadow Trend - Brandy or Anika Noni Rose
September 5, 2012September 17, 2020 by

Blue Eyeshadow Trend: VOTE for Brandy or Anika

For some crazy reason blue shadow always seems to end up someone’s so passé-don’t-do-it-it’s-way-too-tacky-to-end-up-on-your-eyelids list. But what a shame, because it’s so not about what you wear, but how you wear it. [tds-divider invisible thickness=20] [polldaddy poll=6515113] [tds-divider invisible thickness=20] Join the conversation right now on Twitter and use #HueKnewIt #BeautyWars #BlueEyeshadow

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