TOCCA Beauty & John Robshaw Collab Relaxes Gigi Hadid

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TOCCA Beauty & John Robshaw Collab Relaxes Gigi Hadid

After a long day of posing for the camera, I’m sure Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Gigi Hadid would like nothing better than to relax and release at home to the smell of beautifully fragrant candles. Well, with the first-ever collaboration between TOCCA Beauty and textile designer John Robshaw, Gigi and regular folks doin’ desk duty at their nine-to-fives can inject some much needed relaxation into their homes with the John Robshaw Collection — a range of Far Eastern-inspired home fragrance candles available at TOCCA Beauty.

The Inspiration

TOCCA, which means “to touch” in Italian, was born from the short hems of its original Indian sari dresses, while John‘s first trip to India provided a new sense of discovery and inspiration for his textiles. The five-piece candle collection combines the energy and scents of John’s favorite Far Eastern local markets and beaches with the design origins of TOCCA.

TOCCA Beauty’s Interpretation

The new home fragrance candle collection features custom handmade TOCCA Beauty vessels wrapped in the distinctive designs inspired by prints from John‘s archives. TOCCA‘s interpretation of the energy and scents of John‘s Far Eastern local markets and beaches resulted in five remarkable fragrances — Kuda Huraa (pictured), Bentota, Springar, Pondicherry, and Java.

  • Kuda Huraa (pictured): Agave, Coconut Milk, Island Florals, Green Palm – Inspired by John’s dives in the Maldives and his hueknewit BREAKING NEWS Tocca John Robshaw candles group shotmemories of the brilliant coral reefs and fish swimming about.
  • Bentota: Bananas, Papaya, Pomegranate, Pineapple Leaves – After landing in Sri Lanka, John traveled to Bentota embraced by the tropical punch of bananas, papaya and a toss of sand.
  • Springar: Lotus Petals. Opium, Chinar Bark – Once settled onto a houseboat in Sringar on Dal Lake, John spent days visiting Mughal gardens framed by towering Chinar trees and smoky air.
  • Pondicherry: Vetyver, Garland Flowers, black Currant, Pamplemousse – An old French colonial outpost in India, Pondicherry paints its mainsions in fantastic alizarin pinks and cadmum yellows.
  • Java: Clove, Coffee Bean – On John’s first batik printing trip to Java, he traveled to a local market in Yogyakarta, a place where he can still remember the fragrances – the clove cigarettes and the coffee beans sold by locals in hand printed batik sarongs.

Price: $60 – burns 60 hours


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