3 Must Have Holiday Beauty Products for Nails, Eyes & Lips

3 Must Have Holiday Beauty Products for Nails, Eyes & Lips

If the gifts in the HOLIDAY BLOWOUT – Christmas Gifts Under $20 entry didn’t quite hit the spot, then there are three must have holiday beauty products on my wish list that just might spark an interest. In fact, one of the three products smells so good that you might feel compelled to embrace the foodie in you. But, don’t worry because that edible product is calorie-free and ‘does a body good.’

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We all know at least one person (maybe yourself) who thinks of themselves as the most fabulous thing walking the earth. This same “fabulous” friend is probably even bold enough to walk through an airport sporting a belly-bearing half top like British singer Rochelle Wiseman. Talk about being unique. Would you do the same? Let’s be real, some of us would.

But how do you decide on a gift during this holiday season that makes a woman such as this stand up and take notice and won’t rip your pocketbook to shreds? It’s none other than this stunning, crystal-encrusted nail polish from Nails Inc – shade seen here is London Prochester Square ($19.50, sephora stores). And remember, nail polishes have become the number one go-to beauty item as written about in TREND WATCH: Hot Nail Hues, so it only makes sense to capitalize on its popularity and cleverly package it to put even more of a spotlight on this beauty category. Your oh-so-fabulous friend will love it! And she’ll want to keep it as a collector’s item because it’s that special.  

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Another product that made it onto my wish list is It Cosmetics’ Anti-Aging High Performance Eyeshadow Pallet and Brush.  The 12 eyeshadows are waterproof and each application of eyeshadow packs a punch because they contain age-reversal & Prevent Complex properties. Just imagine, you’re preserving your pretty with every swipe.

Makeup you can eat? Unequivocally yes! Jane Iredale’s chocoholiks Lip Gloss ($35, lovelyskin.com) is absolutely scrumptious. The four varieties of chocolate-flavored lip glosses: Blood (tastes like dark chocolate & zingy blood orange), Espresso (tastes like mocha), Very Berry (close your eyes and bask in the taste of strawberries dipped in chocolate) and last, but not least, Chili Pepper (tastes like a combination of sweet chili and dark chocolate). With the release of this chocolate bar-inspired tray of lip glosses, Jane Iredale has raised the bar for other beauty companies who should look to add a fun element to their product assortments. Afterall, we’re a fickle bunch and are always looking for the next big thing. Is your mouth watering yet?

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