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Beat The Frizz Hair Care Picks

Beat The Frizz Hair Care Picks

Frizz Free Hair Even though summer is drawing to an end, you’ve still got frizzy hair to deal. with. now. While on your quest for frizz free curls consider these picked-for-you gems designed to help manage and smooth flyway strands during humid months and beyond.  The Buzz Get the hold you’ve been craving with Bounce Curl Light Crème Gel, which gives your curls long-lasting shape and staying power. This best-selling product is a lightweight styling hair gel formulated with 80% gel and 20% cream to define and moisturize the hair. It contains a unique blend of Middle Eastern oils, including black seed...



How To Successfully Treat Maskne

How To Successfully Treat Maskne

Maskne Looks like we’re in it for the long haul…mask wearing that is. And while we’re doing the responsible thing by protecting the next from our potentially Covid-laced germs, we’re also paying the price by suffering from maskne: Acne breakouts caused by keeping your skin under wraps, a term that was recently added to the Urban Dictionary.   In dermatology parlance this phenomenon is called acne mechanica, which is a physical type of breakout that results from excessive heat, friction, rubbing and more and creates whiteheads and pore clogging acne on the  bridge of the nose, chin and cheeks . Try...



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