What To Gift Yourself This Holiday

What To Gift Yourself This Holiday

Self Care Gifts

Self care gifts come in many forms this holiday - from CBD treats sure to put you at ease to an unconventional self care regimen...bone broth. For more info click on in and happy shopping!

The Buzz

Venus ET Fleurs Advent Calendar

The Venus ET Fleur Advent Calendar is filled with 12 little luxuries that'll last through your NEXT holiday season. Revel in the beauty of twelve mini Eternity® Roses and their individualized significance, bringing meaning and joy for twelve days leading up to your special holiday. The inside cover is embossed with the meanings of each rose's color. You'll be able to remove and display the rose that accentuates the mood of the day.

Price: $249 / VenusETFleur.com

Good Vibes Mood Enhancing Body Mist is available in 4 scents...

Mental Focus - Sharpen your senses with Mental Focus. The sweet smell of peppermint will help aid your concentration, while vanilla and patchouli work to bring you mental clarity.

Inner Peace - Quiet the world around you with Inner Peace. Amber and sandalwood melt away tension, while notes of fragrant rose will help you find your inner zen.

Total Balance - Ground feelings of anxiety with Total Balance. Juniper, lemongrass, and vetiver combine in a beautiful, fresh scent that helps to restore your tranquility.

Energy Boost - Beat the midday slump with Energy Boost. Notes of jasmine, nutmeg, and quince will refresh and revitalize you to power through your day!

Price: $9.98 / Walmart stores/ walmart.com

CBD Coffee & Chocolate Hakuna Holiday Box

This beautiful bundle is the perfect CBD sampler for the holidays. Coming with a little bit of all our customer favorites. Stock this on your shelves starting Nov  1st.

Bundle Includes:

  • 1oz Hakuna Hemp Roast
  • Hakuna Confectionery Dried Fruit
  • Happy J's CBD Chocolate

Price: $49.95 / hakunasupplycbd.com

HiSmile Teeth Oral Care Set

Upgrade your oral care routine and brighten your smile with our customer favorites. The Teeth Whitening Kit delivers at least 2 shades whiter teeth, while The Pink Toothpaste protects against cavities and strengthens enamel. Use the Breath Spray for fresh breath on the go.

Price: $77.97 / ushismileteeth.com

Kettle & Fire Bone Broth - though unconventional, you or someone you love really needs bone broth in their lives. The benefits of bone broth are numerous - they contain all the essential nutrients (amino acids, collagen) that supports skin, joint and gut health. Kettle & Fire bone broth i smade by cooking it with marrow bones from pasture-raised, 100% grass-fed & finished cattle. It's free from hormones and antibiotics, and it's perfect for staying on track with Keto, paleo, Whole30, Fasting, and Gluten-Free diet regimens

Price: $7.99 16.9 oz / kettelandfire.com

Plant Therapy 7x7 Aromafuse Gift Set - the best introduction set for anyone new to essential oils and diffusing. This 7 & 7 Set is Plant Therapy's most popular set, and is a great introduction set to essential oils since it features Plant Therapy's top 7 single oils, their top 7 synergy blend of oils, and their popular Aromafuse Diffuser in Wood-Grain Brown, Pearl White, or Rose Gold.

Price: $99.95/ planttherapy.com

Illuminations Candles are 10-ounce candles are all-natural coconut and apricot wax with 100% cotton wicks and feature the finest-quality fragrances housed in frosted glass vessels and gift boxed.

Price: $29.95 / illuminations.shop

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