Beauty Inside & Out: Beauty Supplements for Skin and Hair

Beauty Inside & Out: Beauty Supplements for Skin and Hair

With the cacophony of blogs and beauty magazines touting the latest eye-smoothing serums, and plastic surgeons talking about the latest advances in cellulite reduction on every available media outlet, it’s easy to get lost in the maze of potions and procedures focused on improving the outer you. But what about beauty supplements for skin and hair?

HKI spent the end of 2011 fielding product pitches and feverishly attending press events in search of products that approach beauty from an inside-out perspective. And look what came of that tireless search – beauty supplements for skin and hair.

The condition of our bodies on the inside is directly reflected on the outside. According to the Canfo Natural Products team, when our reproductive systems are deprived of nutrients, our hair usually appears dull and less vibrant, our nails are brittle and have bumps and ridges and our skin becomes drier and more prone to inflammation. As a result of these discoveries, the Canfo team developed BeautifyMe ($33.99,, a vegan gluten-free natural herbal supplement that helps to improve the look of our skin, nails & hair because it enhances the reproductive system’s ability to absorb and maintain nutrients. Uh, where’s my bottle?

Following the same vein as BeautifyMe, Phytophanere Dietary Supplement for Hair & Nails ($50, is a supplement option rich in fatty acids and antioxidants that promotes healthy hair growth, strengthens eyelashes, brightens your skin and fortifies your nails. Phytophanere is made with natural ingredients like borage seed oil to increase hair shine & carrot oil to help boost skin’s radiance. With a little patience, you’ll notice over time that your hair will regain it’s shine and thickness! What a way to start 2012!

The moment COSMETOFRUIT Luxurious Hair & Nails Elixir ($80, hits your tongue, you’ll wonder why you didn’t know about this tasty treat sooner. Beyond being tasty, Cosmetofruit Luxurious Hair & Nails drinkable Elixir starts working the moment you swallow it. This powerfully-concentrated elixir contains phyto-nutrients to regenerate cells and strengthen nails, biotin to protect your hair and calcium pantothenate to give your hair a smooth & healthy texture. Think of this elixir as the perfect complement to any of your current hair & nail treatments. Less than a teaspoon a day is all you need! 

Hue Knew the phrase our moms always told us…”it’s more important to be beautiful on the inside” would take on a whole new meaning.

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