Cover Girl of the Year: Michelle Obama

Cover Girl of the Year: Michelle Obama

The power of makeup never gets old to me. I’m still awed at how the gentle application of a blush or the intentional rimming of one’s eye with black eyeliner transforms the average person into an absolute stunner. Like me, you should look at makeup as an extension of your personality. From barely there color that conveys a sense of ease, to a full face of color that radiates confidence (and everything in between), always think of makeup as your friend, not foe.

I wonder if First Lady Michelle Obama decided before her cover shoots what message she wanted to convey to the many women who look to her for their fashion and beauty cues. However these four magazine covers came to be, it was evident that the makeup choices for each cover told a compelling story of this one of a kind beauty, so much so that I named each one:

The Coquettish One: The First Lady on the cover of Glamour Magazine personifies pure fun and that’s what makeup should be. Rather than using your basic red to make a statement, step away from the norm and use a coral lip color and blush like Mrs. O did to stand apart from the rest. The added benefit is that if you have a similar complexion, your cocoa complexion will come alive using these shades.

The Demure One: The cover of Time Magazine says “see me.” This is the perfect example of highlighting your best features without going overboard. To get attention-getting eyes like Mrs. O, you first have to frame them with well-shaped eyebrows. It all starts with a great shape and then use a not-too-dark eyeshadow powder (my choice is a dark brown or eyebrow pencil) to fill in sparse brows. Next, use a highlighter just below your brow bone to further accentuate it’s shape. By applying a neutral cheek color and wearing a sheer gloss, the star becomes your eyes so don’t be afraid to play them up!

The Sophisticate: The First Lady wreaks of approachable sophistication on the cover of Essence Magazine. This is the perfect look for an evening out on the town or if you’re acting as hostess of your own fabulous soiree. The use of sheer and electric violet eyeshadows is an unexpected treat and the rich Bordeaux lip color (a definite plus during the Fall months) is a twist on the classic red, which I feel contributes to the overall sophistication of this look.

The Power House: When I saw the cover of Ebony Magazine, I thought, “this is a woman who looks in control.” If you’re preparing for a job interview, then let Mrs. O be your guide because this is the message you want to convey. Achieve this look by using muted eyeshadow colors (like browns and taupes) and neutral lip color (in crème or matte), and use no eyeliner on the bottom lash row like you see here. While a ton of color was not used on Mrs. O, the message is clear – I’m the right person for this job.

To some, a magazine cover is just a magazine cover, but of the many that Mrs. Obama graced this year, these four took center stage because they each conveyed a unique “attitude.” Food for thought. What does your makeup say about you?

Here are more tips to help you convey the best you:

Tip 1: Keep the lipstick off your teeth. Wearing dark lip color can be tricky because it always seems to end up on your teeth. Wipe a little petroleum jelly on your teeth before applying your lip color because it prevents lip color from sticking to them.

Tip 2: Use a light hand when applying vibrant eyeshadows so you don’t end up looking overdone.

Tip 3: Soothe dry lips when wearing matte lipsticks by applying a dab of petroleum jelly to the center of your lips before applying the lip color.

Hue Knew It? I did.

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