Shala Monroque Beauty: Get Her Effortless Beauty Look

Shala Monroque Beauty: Get Her Effortless Beauty Look

We have a mini celebrity in our midst, Shala Monroque – the Editor-at-Large for Pop Magazine. Shala has been in our fashion cross hairs for some time now, and has made an impression on many within the fashion and art worlds because her approach to style is not one as a trend follower, but as a trendsetter. Named one of the ten best-dressed in Vogue and dubbed an It Girl by earlier this year, Shala’s style has been described as pretty, eclectic and sophisticated. Wherever this unassuming beauty shows up, photographers never miss a chance to capture her likeness on film.

All signs point to Shala being a clotheshorse. And while the world marvels at Shala’s fashion sense, some may think that it takes a village of beauty products to complete her look. But imagine for a moment that it only takes three products (a styling gel, a lip cream palette and an exfoliating scrub) to look this phenomenal.

If your social calendar is as full as Ms. Monroque’s (gallery openings, fashion events and soirees), opt for simple hairstyles that retain their shapes like the ponytail or a loose, curly look thats calls for little to no work. The one downside to wearing your hair curly is the frizz-effect, so try L.A. Looks Curl Styling Gel($3.99, which defines your natural curl and keeps you looking extraordinary throughout the day and night. Just apply a quarter size of product to damp or dry hair. Note: this product does not flake!

Never let your smile go unnoticed, so adorn your pout with one of the many colors offered in the exciting Mehron L.I.P. Cream Night Palette ($32.95, or the day palette (not seen here). These conditioning and hydrating lip creams are long-lasting and work on every skin tone so pucker up!

For those of you with legs sexy enough to be shown off in a mini like Shala’s, make sure to give them (and the rest of your body) the Philosophy ‘the big skinny skin smoothing exfoliating scrub’ ($20, treatment. This cocoa-scented scrub sloughs away dead skin to reveal softer, smoother skin.

Like Shala, do beauty your way.

Hue Knew It? I did. 

Photo Credit (headshot): Lisa Hancock/

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