Two Perfect Scented Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Two Perfect Scented Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Classic Candle

Perfect for romancing the night, celebrate you or the one you're with this Valentine's Day with a Classic Candle or Reed Diffuser from Nest Fragrances Japanese Black Currant Collection that will set the stage for an evening of soothing relaxation with the power to transport your senses to a different time and place. [vc_empty_space height="5px"] [spacer][fullwidthimage photourl=""][spacer]

The Buzz

NEST Fragrances Japanese Black Currant Collection Classic Candle and Reed Diffuser combines the rich essence of Japanese black currant enhanced with Mirabelle plum, kadota fig and sandalwood. These candles are formulated with a premium, highly refined, cosmetic-grade soft wax that was developed over many years to optimize burn, up to 60 hours, and fragrance diffusion. The ingredients used are the highest grade of wax materials and the finest fragrance oils available. Price: Candle $40 (8.1 oz), Reed Diffuser $44 (5.9 oz) Availability:, Bloomingdale’s/, Neiman Marcus/, Sephora/ Reed Diffuser

Why You'll Love It

Anything Nest is a perfect fact, my first experience with this brand was with their Moss Mint Classic Candle and Body Wash...I can still smell it now. These candles are so luxurious you'll have no choice but to keep it for yourself, but if you want a true, no-effort way to experience the Japanese Black Currant Collection, and want to ensure that it lasts, the Reed Diffuser should be your choice because it will work for up to five months. [spacer]

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