3 At Home Cellulite Treatments for Smoother-Looking Thighs

3 At Home Cellulite Treatments for Smoother-Looking Thighs

Reduce the appearance of dimpled skin with three at home cellulite treatments for smoother-looking thighs from Clarins, Nivea, and Spongeables.

How much are you willing to pay to get rid of your pesky cellulite? If you’re fighting to accept a less than smooth-looking abdomen or buttocks and it’s gotta be done on a budget, then you might appreciate what these anti-cellulite treatments could potentially do for you. There’s also a new treatment touted by the medical community to be the industry’s newest showstoppper, but it costs up to $7,000 – are you in?

Cellulite is also referred to as cottage cheese skin and is caused by the dimpled appearance of fat deposits that are located just below the surface of our skin. There’s no predicting who’ll get it if ever, but we at least know why it appears and many beauty companies claim to know how to fix it.

A quick cellulite fix in a bottle – not really, but maybe a little. Nivea Good-Bye Cellulite Fast-Acting Serum ($14.49, walgreens.com) claims to be able to improve the appearance of cellulite within about 10 days. If you’ve got the fortitude and the patience to stick through the 10 days of suggested use, then by all means purchase away! The active ingredient that helps treat cottage skin is natural lotus extract and skin’s own L-carnitine. Apply once daily on thighs, buttocks and stomach. The best way to handle the reveal after 10 days is to be happy for any small improvement. Good luck!

Clarins High-Definition Body Lift ($67, sephora.com) – the name of this sculpting body lotion is a little misleading since you might expect a 100% transformation. You should expect a conservative result – a result that leaves you with better-defined and smoother-looking hip & thighs. What you’ll instantly feel after you’ve applied the cream-gel texture is a sudden tightening because the formula  contains active microspheres that melt into the skin upon contact. This works fast although it’s temporary – I like.

If you’re over using creams and serums to get dimple-free thighs, then opt for a treatment you can use in the shower like the grapefruit & pink pepper scented Spongeables Anti-Cellulite Body Wash ($7.99, ulta.com). HKI loves this treatment idea because it’s different than many other delivery systems – the sponge contains Multi-Sal Muscle Toner, a patented ingredient complex that smoothes and tones with natural Rhodofiltrat Sea Extract to enhance microcirculation and help prevent dimpling on fatty areas. Just think, you get the benefit of banishing dry skin cells as you massage/treat your problem areas. This sponge delivers up to 2+ uses.

How The Treatment Works If treatments such as what’s been described haven’t produced the type of results you want, then consider getting a Cellulaze™ treatment- the world’s first minimally invasive aesthetic device for cellulite reduction. This procedure goes beyond using daily creams to budge pockets of fat and is accomplished in one treatment – results last up to one year. This laser treatment gently heats the skin, disrupts and then melts the fat. It then moves on to release the fiber spans (septae which cause the A Patient’s Before & Afterdimpling effect) that pull down on the skin. Lastly, the energy stimulates collagen production, which increased the skin’s depth and elasticity for a more even appearance. Click here for more information on this procedure.

While Cellulaze™ certainly isn’t an inexpensive undertaking at up to $7,000, there’s no question that it’s money well spent if smoother thighs makes you a happier you.

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