Shopping Guide: The Best Winter Body Moisturizers

Shopping Guide: The Best Winter Body Moisturizers

Whether you’re Katerina Graham on the red carpet or just you walking down the street, avoid ash embarrassment by using some of the best winter body moisturizers around, which come in the form of products from brands like Pacifica, The Body Shop, DermWORX and Aubrey Organics.

Butter Is A Good Thing

Any body product with the word “butter” in it’s gotta work, right? Well, maybe not everything, but Pacifica Waikiki Pikake Body Butter ($15, & The Body Shop Limited-Edition Blueberry Body Butter ($20, do. This product is an incredible mix of shea butter, almond oil and safflower oil that penetrates deep to preserve young-looking hands while it moisturizes. It’s hard to believe, that this body butter contains oil from 500 blueberries, which is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids for moisture that lasts and lasts.

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Spray Your Way To Supple Skin

After the first spray of MoistureWORX Skin Protection Spray ($37,, you’ll be hooked! It sprays a fine mist that contains a whopping 30% of white petroleum, so it combats dry skin beautifully, mornin’-to-night without the thick leave-behind. Think Vaseline without the mess.

Instagram: @dermworx

Aromatherapy Anyone?

Also high in essential fatty acids to deeply moisturize is a luxurious body lotion from Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Luxurious Moisturizing Lotion ($6.49, LOVE this body lotion because it sends you on a virtual trip to a rose garden.

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Hue Knew It? I did.

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