Combat Embarrassing Armpit Sweat Stains

Combat Embarrassing Armpit Sweat Stains
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Armpit SweatMictchum Clinical Gel and Dry Spray guard against armpit sweat

  [red_spacer spacer_margin="25"][/red_spacer] Looks like walking the red carpet really is stressful - cut to JHud's, otherwise known by her government name, Jennifer Hudson's armpit sweat stains. Rather than suffer the same embarrassment yourself, try Mitchum's new Clinical Gel, Dry Spray, or sensitiveskin™ formulas, which all deliver the maximum amount of wetness and odor protection.

The Buzz

Mitchum Clinical Gel is specifically developed to combat heavy perspiration and leave no white marks behind. Each gel features the maximum level of active ingredient for 48 hour Clinical Performance against wetness, plus 48 hour protection. This gel goes on clear and is available in Powder Fresh and Unscented fragrances. The price is $8.99 at mass retailers nationwide. Mitchum Dry Spray is a powerful formula that targets and destroys odor and delivers maximum wetness protection with the highest level of active ingredient. This sweat and odor protection spray goes on dry, is alcohol-free, also leaves no white marks and comes in two fragrances for women: Powder Fresh and Pure Fresh, and for men, Clean Control and Sport. The price is $5.99 and is available at drugstores and mass retailers nationwide. Mitchum sensitiveskin™is the brand's first sensitive skin anti-perspirant and deodorant made specifically for people who need powerful sweat + odor protection. It contains skin-friendly ingredients, plus aloe and Vitamin E to help soothe and condition your skin. The price is $8.99 and is available at drug stores and mass retailers nationwide.

Why You'll Love It

I clearly remember as a little girl attending a catholic school, and as I neared the 6th grade, my perspiration problem became much more than my mom could handle. And the deo I was using then, had no chance of stopping the embarrassment I experienced every day when I had to raise my hand in class for whatever reason. Through the advice of a close family friend is how my mother learned of Mitchum for the first time and, it was then that the stinky, sweaty embarrassment I had been suffering from as a child had finally subsided with the first application of this wonder stick. Cut to me now as grown a** woman. Over the years I've used but only a few brands of deodorants including Mitchum, and I'm glad that I have had the chance to use its latest iterations. My favorite? The powder-scented Dry Spray, first because I love anything powder-scented, but also, when my time of the month is here I tend to sweat more, and this deo by far has done lots to keep these armpits dry, dry, dry.

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