Great Spring Nail Colors For Brown Skin

Great Spring Nail Colors For Brown Skin

Dare I say ask, what are the great spring nail colors for brown skin? Bold hues or pale shades? Wet ‘N Wild says bold rules while Essie embraces the pale shade of things. Both brands make a valiant effort at telling us consumers what they think is cool and what colors we should be wearing on our nails. Which brand do you think will win the battle of the spring 2011 collections?

Wet ‘N Wild, a contender for spring 2011’s hottest varnishes enters the season with a kaleidoscope of rich FastDry nail colors ranging from vibrant greens, gold, purple, magenta, festive glitter shades and much more (18 colors in total) for the fantastic value of $1.99. And just think, if your office is edgy-approved, then sporting one of these intense nail colors is a no brainer and gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “do you.” There’s no way you can resist wearing nail polishes with witty names like Party of Five Glitters, Sage in the City & Buffy the Violet Slayer (not pictured here)? Don’t let the celebs you see here have all of the fun!

On the opposite end of the color spectrum comes Essie’s offerings (six colors to choose from, $7.79, for the season. This collection (classic in appearance) is filled primarily with soft, barely-there retro pastels like lavender, pale beige and shimmer pinks that wash your nails with a gentle hint of color. And with names like French Affair, Coat Azure & Sand Tropez, your mind is unwittingly sent on a first-class trip to the French Riviera. Oooh la la!

It’s clear that the product development departments of these cosmetics companies have different takes on Spring 2011…which direction will you go?

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